Thursday, September 1, 2016

It is time for an updated blog. As a matter of fact. It is long over due. My husband was able to be at home until May of this year. He is since waiting in the hospital rehab for a spot in one of the carehomes. He has accepted the fact that it was impossible to care for him at home, even with the help of homecare. How have I accepted it? Some days better than others. It feels like I am a "half" widow. I go and see him twice every day, but when I come home there is only the dog to greet me. For the rest, the house is an empty place.
We are very thankful that we have each other still and the neurologist had his timing wrong. We are living about 1 1/2 years overtime, but the quality of my husband's physical life is almost gone. However his mind is still clear most of the time, which is a blessing.
I made a big trip in July (by myself) to visit my children in Alberta and B.C. and was able to attend the wedding of my granddaughter in Cranbrook. It took so much out of me, all this travel by bus, plane and car that it took me longer than normal to get back into my routine and I could not bring up the strength for another trip to Edmonton (writer's conference). Age is creeping up and I need to space myself.
The Lord has been so faithful during this year and has given me peace and strength day by day.
We'l see what tomorrow brings. It is all in the Lord's hands and the best place to leave it.

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