Friday, April 17, 2015

It is a nice sunny day and the snow is pretty well gone in our town. The two weeks that I was away took care of that. Now it is the middle of April and we are all looking forward to the warm weather of summer. People are buying their seeds to be ready for planting season. The farmers are getting their seeds ready and the machinery so they can go on the field soon.
My husband is still with us and we are thankful. When I took a break (had a ride to Alberta) Walter spent time in the care home. It was not pleasant when the whole building was quarantined because of a flue outbreak. It was a lonely time for him. He was glad to go home again.
Yesterday he was determined to go to the bank. He still wants to do some things himself. It was a mistake, he later confessed, because he could hardly move. When we came out of the bank we met a friend whose wife is ill and he is taking care of her. The words that uplifted me were "I feel for you. I know what you are going through." Nobody ever told me that. The thought came to me that it would be nice if there was a support group of caregivers who spent almost full time caring for their spouses. We could share our predicaments and our disappointments and also our blessings. We could also pray together for strength to endure. The Lord is faithful and will guide and direct us, but sometimes a human touch will go a long way. I am sure I am not the only one who is a caregiver for a spouse or even a child. It is wonderful that my husband is still alive and we were able to celebrate his 85th birthday with a nice party and supper with family and close friends. The doctor's diagnoses was wrong and I am thankful for each day that we have together. I need to lean on the Lord for every step I take, even when I have a sleepless night and am so very tired.
Our dog can be a nuisance, but is also very caring. I had fallen asleep in my chair and Walter called me from the bathroom. I woke up when Kiki jumped on my lap and woke me up. Apparently my husband had told her to go and get me, and she sure did. A faithful pooch she is.
Maybe someone you know needs a word of encouragement. Lets us not forget our obligation to God. He will take care of us and never leave us nor forsake us, but we need to pass on some of His love to those around us.
These are my thoughts for this season. 


Anonymous said...

Oh Addy.

"do not be weary in welldoing" ...

much love
Susan Plett

fudge4ever said...

Hi Addy,
It sounds like you are having a difficult time. I'm glad to hear you say, though, that you are trusting in the Lord. I pray that He will send some special friends your way that will encourage you and give you a lift.
Try to take some time for yourself, too, if you can, and enjoy the things that you always used to. Then you will have something to look forward to every day.
God be with you, dear Addy.
"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:10).
Love and hugs,
Pamela Mytroen

Addy Oberlin said...

Thank you ladies for your response.

Bobbi Junior said...

Addy, I did a google search: Christian Caregiver Support Groups, and found this site.

As one who went through some long caregiving seasons, I know that actually attending a group can be impossible. But a few minutes on the computer can quickly connect you with supportive folk. You're so right when you say that only caregivers can truly understand this particular season in life. May God continue to sustain you hour by hour.


Addy Oberlin said...

Thanks Bobbi, I check it out.

Sheri Hathaway said...

Dear friend, I pray for you. There is not a person in the world who doesn't go through an incredibly difficult time. This is a time to lean on God and ask daily for strength. This is a time to not only know of but actually experience His power and love. I pray you will find an effective support group. It is known that some people develop shingles due to the stress they are under. I hope you have already had the shot or will get it soon. As much as is possible, do take care of yourself, and I know that is impossible sometimes during this time. Walter is so blessed by you.


Addy Oberlin said...

Thanks Sheri.

Sharon Espeseth said...

Thinking of you, Addy. I agree with Pam about taking time for yourself. This can be a challenge in a caregiving situation or even in a marriage or while parenting. I've often struggled with finding time for myself, but I know that when I take even small bits of quiet time, I feel better.

May God bless you in special ways.

Melanie Fischer said...

Leave it up to Bobbi to search out a practical piece for you :) You are surrounded by people who love you Addy! It is great that you are blogging through this and allowing people to come along side you during this time. Many many blessings to you,


Addy Oberlin said...

Thank you Sharon and Melanie.
I am planning some time for myself in September and hope I can bring it to pass. It is in the Lord's hands.
However I hear, that you might be able to help me Melanie. I so would like to go to the Inscribe conference and have already found several people who are willing to help me to fulfill my desire. God is good.