Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Answered prayer

Does God answer prayer? Yes, he answers lifesaving prayers, but also small, to many insignificant prayers. Both answers came to me last week. I had to undergo some minor surgery and the surgeon promised to leave me a note to say what had been done and what the result was. The first line that stood out to me when I read the note after I awoke was "benign." She did not even want to see me again unless I had further problems. I was ready to jump off the bed. To me this was the best answer I could get from a doctor and to me it meant a new lease on life and to be able to continue what I so much enjoy, like my reading, writing, crafts and music. 
By now it was 5 pm and I had not eaten or drank anything for 20 hours. Oh, did I ever have a craving for a milkshake to quench my thirst and stop the growling in my stomach. At 5 pm it is extremely busy on Main street in Winnipeg and I did not say anything to my husband when I saw a big M on the left side of the street. He would probably have made a U-turn to please me. I prayed that if the Lord would provide a big M at the right side of Main street I would ask my husband to stop so I could get a milkshake. Would you believe it that when we were almost at the Perimeter, where we had to turn off, there I saw a big M? Yes, it was easy to get there and the milkshake never tasted so good and quieted my stomach until we came to our daughter's home, where supper waited.. 
I thanked the Lord for answering my prayers twice that day. Yes, He answers prayers, great and small.

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