Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes we are too busy

It feels like I am driven. It is difficult to explain. Time seems rushing by and my daily schedule is overwhelming. How can I find time to practice my pieces for Community Band or our church orchestra? The concerts will be in a few weeks. My homework is not done yet for the drawing course I am "trying" to take.
Sometimes I overbook a meeting and have to make a choice which one I should attend.
Medical appointments (out of town) for my husband have broken up my routine and today (Wednesday) I am doing laundry, which I normally do Mondays. I even missed sending one of my newspaper articles.
I know what is driving me. I enjoy all the things I am doing and try to squeeze in any many as possible, for as long as the Lord will give me health and strength. Some of the things I am doing now, like the music, my writing and my crafts and volunteering in the care homes, I enjoy tremendously and would not like to have to give up.
However in a few weeks my age will be three quarters of a century and I do not know how much time I have left. The activities I am doing now I could either not afford years ago, or did not have the time because I was raising a family and foster children.
I am convinced that the Lord is in control of my life and could stop me from doing these things at any time, but He knows that whatever I do I want to glorify and honour Him. When I participated in a girlsclub we learned the verse from Colossians 3:17 "And whatever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him." Even in a secular situation, like the Community Band, I know that the Christians do influence the atmosphere (I do not hear anymore dirty jokes and swear words).
I just wanted to share with you what is driving me these days and the reason why.
Maybe someone can relate ..........


Glynis said...

Oh my. I totally hear and can relate to all your words, Addy. Do you suppose if God granted us two more hours in a day, we would fill those quickly and still want more? I think I would. I am so frustrated these days with the million things I have on my list. BUT...I soothe my soul by reminding myself Who is on the throne and Who we truly do this all for? It calms my spirit and helps me through a day. I pray for rest for you and thanks for a great post that helps me know I am not the only one! x

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Addy. I also feel very pressed to accomplish everything on my plate. But the other day I was thinking of the time when I was raising children, taking them to piano and skating lessons, teaching Sunday School, and helping in the church's AWANA program. I was busy then, too, but how happy I was! It occurred to me that I should just enjoy this busy part of my life and be thankful for it. Someday I'll be looking back to today and wishing I had it back again!

Addy Oberlin said...

Thank you ladies for your comment. I am glad to know that I am not alone. Hopefully January will be a month to rest and replenish.

Mary Waind said...

Oh yes, many of us relate totally, Addy. Father God does the best arranging for us. Do keep going as He leads and gives you strength.

Jack "TheWordMan" Popjes said...

I'm one year behind you in age, but know this feeling too. The other day I wondered why I was always trying to do more. The answer was, 'cause I feel good when I've accomplished something. So I asked myself, what if was in a car accident and came through a paraplegic? The answer, I would remember that God loves me for who I am, not for what I can accomplish and that would make me feel good.
But then again some days remind me of this cartoon quote: Calvin: You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help.

Ruth Smith Meyer said...

Oh my! Can I relate? Most certainly. I love to do a lot of things too. I too, didn't have the time to do it all when my family was growing up. Now there are so many opportunities, and I'm at a very satisfying time in my life. Only a few years behind you, I also am aware that my time is limited. Sometimes I overbook too, but I am more calm than I used to be when that happens. I can only be one place at a time, and I ask my good Lord where he wants me. Blessings, Addy!

Addy Oberlin said...

Thank you again for you comments. It seems I am not the only one who is experiencing a shortage of time.
The Lord is in control and I have to acknowledge that over and over again. It does feel better though that I am not alone in this.