Friday, October 15, 2010


This past week I spent much time in prayer.
There were prayers of praise, thankfulness and worship when we became great-grandparents of twins. They are healthy and able to go home with their mom after two days. We are looking forward to travel to Alberta to go and see those precious little ones.
This week I shed many a tear when each miner in Chile came up from the mine. Many confessed that their relationship with the Lord changed during the time they were underground. Relationships has been restored and families are back together. We need to keep praying that they will adjust well after this terrible ordeal.
Each day when my husband comes home I ask him if he had a good day out on the field to gather in the crop. If it is a good day we thank and praise the Lord. If the day was not so good and sometimes terrible, we pray for a better day tomorrow. We also thank the Lord for keeping the farmers safe.
Four young people going back to Bible College after celebrating Thanksgiving Day with family at home were involved in a car roll-over and they all got injured. Many people in our town are praying for one girl who was severely hurt. She just underwent 16 hours of surgery to repair her spine. It is overwhelming and almost puzzling to see how the Lord is going to use this mishap to His glory. It brings people together to seek the Lord all through the day.
God honors prayer and will give us a peace that passes all understanding when we seek Him.


Glynis said...

Thanks, Addy, for the gentle reminders about WHO is in control. And congratulations on the birth of your new little great-grand-twins! I didn't see all the rescue of the miners but the few I did see were heartwarming and God-glorifying!
So very sorry to hear about that nasty car accident. I pray along with you that they all heal and are able to see God's hand in all this. Keep writing. I love your positive attitude. :) x

Addy Oberlin said...

Thank you Glynis.
Two out of the four people hurt in the accident are back in Bible School, one is still at home. The fourth one has a long road to recovery and many people keep praying for a full recovery for her. She has a strong faith. We thank the Lord for each little step in her healing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Addy,
I am visiting blogs as part of my exercises in creating my own. I like yours very much and especially enjoyed your comments for October. I, too, shed some tears over the rescue from the mine in Chile. I had been praying for the men daily (and still do). Such a tragedy and such a victory! Now I pray for their recovery and for their families as all try to move forward from this.

Glad to see the students are on the mend. I hope the one girl is recovering nicely.

Clayton is gearing up for another mission trip to St. Vincent to do more work on the church they started last year and of course, outreach work. He's very excited and this was all he could think about all year.

Addy Oberlin said...

Thanks for your comments Sheri.

A Joyful Chaos said...

I am among those that were touched by the miners and their miraculous rescue.

God is good!

Wayne W. Bos said...

Enjoy your blogs, Addy. Wayne

Wayne W. Bos said...

Enjoy your blogs, Addy. Wayne