Friday, August 6, 2010

music camp

It is not a Bible camp, but a International music camp for adults. People from all over Canada and the United States bring their instruments and voices and get together to make four days of music. I brought my clarinet and settled in with the intermediate band. Some people did not start to make music until after they retired, others have played for years and are still going strong. We ate, slept and thought music, rehearsed and rehearsed some more until the final concert. For me it was a new and wonderful experience to be with like minded (music) people. It encouraged me to go on and bring music, especially to the elderly who love to hear the old time hymns. It brings smiles on their faces and, according to the nurses, brings a calming atmosphere just before supper. The main purpose for my music is to bring glory to God and peace and quiet to me and those around me. God loves music. David very often sang praises to God. Let us make a joyful noise unto the Lord for as long as we can.


Mary said...

Lovely Addy,
How I love music too! It brings such joy! Thanks for sharing.
Mary Haskett

Brenda Wood said...

Hello Addy! Great to make your acquaintance!
I wish I could get to inscribe but it is a long way from me.Brenda