Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today a desire of many years came true. I was able to go to the care homes with my hymnbook and a little message. It is not a holiday anymore for the activity workers, so the opportunity was there for me to tell, play and sing about Jesus Christ and what He did for us so many years ago. One lady, who can be very noisy and disturbing was in her wheelchair right next to the piano and she sang her heart out, even when everybody was quiet she gave us a solo and sang "Jesus keep me near the cross." It brought tears to my eyes. Afterwards I gave them all a little token about Easter that they can pin on their message board in their room. I was so blessed this morning. This afternoon I plan to go to another care home, where I normally go on Fridays and will share the same message there. I can only say: "Praise be to God, who made this possible."
This afternoon brought another highlight. Someone came to visit his Dad in the Lodge, brought a guitar and played along with me. It sounded great and everyone was pleased. The young man told me that he fluked some of the hymns, but he sure tried and even sang along with some of them. May the Lord use these old-time hymns to give joy to many a heart today.

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